Book workshop for:
“The World Politics of Social Investment: The Welfare State in the Knowledge Economy”

Florence, May 14- 15th, 2018

Sala del Capitolo, Badia Fiesolana

Julian L. Garritzmann (University of Konstanz & University of Zurich)
Silja Häusermann (University of Zurich)
Bruno Palier (Sciences Po Paris)

(Download here the program of the conference)

Local hosts/ organizers: 

Hanspeter Kriesi

Maureen Lechleitner

Reto Bürgisser

Purpose and format of the workshop:

The main purpose of this workshop is to improve the chapters and the coherence of the two volumes that will be form the output of the project “World Politics of Social Investment”[1]. Hence, rather than having paper-givers “defend” their papers, the goal is to get as much feedback as possible on the individual papers and their contribution to the overall project. Thus, we have assigned two discussants for each paper and organized the conference following the structure of the two books. We cluster the discussion along the respective book sections and have assigned 45 min for each paper.
In order to use this time most efficiently, we opted for the following procedure: Instead of having paper-givers present their own papers, a ‘paper discussant’ will provide a brief summary of the paper and critically comment on the chapter: paper discussants will have 12 min (max) to present and critically discuss the paper. Afterwards, a second, ‘section discussant’ will comment on all the papers in the respective section of the book (15-20 min), paying particular attention to the coherence of the section and the coherence within the volume (e.g., Do the papers contradict each other? What are broader lessons across the chapters?). After the section discussant’s comments, we will collect further comments from the audience and have the authors respond, but the primary objective is to collect as much feedback as possible.

[1] (Almost) all chapters from volume I and the “regional chapters” on Latin America from volume II will be discussed at this workshop. The chapters on Europe and Asia (for volume II) will be discussed in separate workshops in Kyoto and Paris in June 2018.


MONDAY, MAY 14th 2018

9.00-9.15    Arrival & morning Coffee (Location: Antirefettorio)

9.15-10.15    Welcome & presentation on the structure and main aims of the two volumes

  • Welcome address by Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi, European University Institute
  • Chapter 1 & 2: Introduction & theoretical background – The politics of social investment around the globe
    Julian L. Garritzmann & Silja Häusermann & Bruno Palier

-> Discussants on general outline & plan of the volumes: Giuliano Bonoli & Jane Gingrich

10.15-11:45    Part I: The ideational context of social investment politics

  • Chapter 3: Multiple Sources of a Social Investment Agenda. Cross-fertilization and Convergent Evolution Jane Jenson & Rianne Mahon

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Caroline de la Porte

  • Chapter 4: EU social policy agenda: history of developing the idea in Europe & role in the growth idea Caroline de la Porte & Bruno Palier

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Jane Jenson
-> Discussant on Part I (Chapters 3 & 4): Anton Hemerijck

11.45-13.15    Lunch (vouchers) at Sala Rossa for all registered participants 

13.15-15.30   Part II: The scope conditions of social investment reforms

  • Chapter 5: Varieties of social investment in poverty-reduction policies in the Global South
    Armando Barrientos

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Juan Bogliaccini

  • Chapter 7: State Capacity, Policy Legacies, and Political Coalitions: Skill Regimes in Latin America
    Juan Bogliaccini & Aldo Madariaga

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Sony Pelissery

  • Chapter 8: Economic production regimes, state structures, and investment demand in India
    Sony Pellissery & Vivek Raj Anand

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Armando Barrientos
-> Discussant on Part I (Chapters 5, 7, & 8): Dorothee Bohle

15.30-16.00   Coffee break & enjoying the Tuscan sun (Lower Loggia or Antirefettorio)

16.00-17.30   Part IIIa: The demand side of social investment reforms: Social partners

  • Chapter 10: Employers’ Social Investment Policy Preferences and Their Role in the Politics of Social Investment in Europe
    Emmanuele Pavolini & Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Niccolo Durazzi

  • Chapter 11: Social (Investment) Partners? Trade Unions’ Social Investment Policy Preferences and Their Role in the Politics of Social Investment in Europe
    Niccolo Durazzi & Leonard Geyer

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Emmanuele Pavolini
-> Discussant on Part III (Chapters 10 & 11): Helen Callaghan

19.00   Dinner at Piatti e Fagotti (San Domenico) for paper givers and discussants

TUESDAY, MAY 15th 2018

9.00-11.15    Part IIIb: The demand side of social investment reforms: Public opinion

  • Chapter 12: Public Preferences Towards Social Investment: Comparing Patterns of Support Across Three Continents
    Björn Bremer

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Melina Altamirano

  • Chapter 13: Public opinion on social investment in the developmental welfare state
    Chung-Yang Yeh, Jen-Der Lue, Ming-Chang Tsai, Jieun Emma Lee & Ljin Hong

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Björn Bremer

  • Chapter 14: Public opinion and Trade Union preferences on Social investment in Latin America
    Melina Altamirano & Bárbara Zárate-Tenorio

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Laura Seelkopf
-> Discussant on Part III (Chapters 12, 13, & 14): Jane Gingrich

11.15-11.30    Coffee break & even more sun (Lower Loggia or Antirefettorio)

11.30-12.15    Part IV: Varieties of social investment reform strategies

  • Chapter 15: Social Investment and Neoliberal Legacies in Latin America: Breaking the Mold?
    Evelyne Huber, John D. Stephens & Claire Dunn

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Margarita Estévez-Abe

12.15-13.30    Lunch at Sala Rossa

13.30-15.00   Part IV: Varieties of social investment reform strategies (continued)

  • Chapter 16: Different Paths to Social Investment? Democratization, timing, and different social investment strategies in South-East Asia and Southern Europe
    Young Jun Choi, Margarita Estévez-Abe & Margarita León

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Kimberly Morgan

  • Chapter 17: Social Investment or Child Care on the Cheap? The Goals of Quality, Workforce, and Access in the Expansion of Early Childhood Education and Care
    Kimberly Morgan

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Chung-Yang Yeh
-> Discussant on Part IV (Chapters 15, 16, & 17): Giuliano Bonoli

15.00-15.15    Coffee break and final sunbath (Lower Loggia or Antirefettorio)

15.15-17.30    Discussion of “Latin America chapters” from Book II

Book II, Chapter 12: Tracing the development of social investment agendas in Latin America
J. Salvador Peralta

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Cecilia Rossel

Book II, Chapter 13: Making Changes in Institutions. The Politics of Social Investment in Peru and Bolivia. Jane Jenson & Nora Nagels

-> Chapter presented and discussed by Pilar Manzi

Book II, Chapter 14: The politics of conditionality in social investment reforms: Evidence from Latin America’s Cash Transfers
Florencia Antía, Cecilia Rossel Pilar Manzi

-> Chapter presented and discussed by J. Salvador Peralta
-> Discussant on Chapters 12, 13, & 14 of Book II: Evelyne Huber

19.00-   Dinner at Acquacotta (downtown Florence) for paper givers and discussants