The World Politics of Social Investment

Conference at LIEPP, Sciences  Po
Paris – June 29th, 2018

Organized by:
Julian L. Garritzmann (University of Konstanz / University of Zurich)
Silja Häusermann (University of Zurich)
Bruno Palier (Sciences Po, Paris)

(Download here the program of the conference)


THURSDAY, JUNE 28th 2018      

  •  Arrival of participants
  • Conference dinner at 19.00 at… (information to follow)

FRIDAY,  JUNE 29th 2018 

8.30 – 9.00     Welcome & Presentation of WOPSI frame & outline

9.00 – 9.50     Chapter 3: The Role of Public Opinion in the Politics of Social Investment in Western Europe 
Marius R. Busemeyer & Julian L. Garritzmann   
Chapter presented and discussed by Reto Bürgisser  

9.50 – 10.40     Chapter 4: Southern Europe: Childcare and Activation on the Social Policy Agendas
Reto Bürgisser
Chapter presented and discussed by Marius Busemeyer      

10.40 – 10.50     Coffee break 

10.50 – 11.40     Chapter 5: Southern Europe: The difficult Politics of Social Investment Reforms
Stefano Ronchi & Patrik Vesan
Chapter presented and discussed by Triin Lauri

11.40 – 12.30     Chapter 6: The Baltic States: Human Capital Investment as a New Element in the Social Policy Agenda and the Politics of Reform
Triin Lauri & Anu Toots
Chapter presented and discussed by Patrik Vesan

12.30 – 14.00     Lunch at… (information to follow)         

14.00 – 14.50     Chapter 7: Social Investment in the Visegrad Countries: Agendas and Politics
Dorota Szelewa & Michał Polakowski
Chapter presented and discussed by Sonja Avlijaš    

14.50 –  15.40     Chapter 8: Explaining the Constrasting Trajectories of Baltics and Visegrad Countries
Sonja Avlijaš 
Chapter presented and discussed by Dorota Szelewa   

15.40 – 16.00     Closing remarks  


  • Participants depart Friday evening or Saturday