The World Politics of Social Investment

Conference at LIEPP, Sciences Po, Paris

March 9th-11th, 2017

Salle de conférences du CERI
56 rue Jacob
75007 Paris

organized by

Julian Garritzmann (University of Konstanz/ University of Zurich)

Silja Häusermann (University of Zurich)

Bruno Palier (Sciences Po, Paris)

(Download here the program of the conference)


Arrival of participants


9.00 – 9.30      Welcome! Organizational matters and first substantive input (Julian Garritzmann, Silja Häusermann, Bruno Palier)

9.30 – 11.00    Panel 1 : The politics of social investment reforms in Nordic Europe

  • Nordic lights? Assessing the transformation of social investment politics?
    Carsten Jensen and Kees van Kersbergen
  • From social investment by default to social investment by design : Re-combining economic viability and social inclusion in the Austrian and German skill formation systems
    Niccolo Durazzi and Leonard Geyer

Discussant : Julian Garritzmann

11.00-11.15    Leg stretcher/ Coffee break

11.15-13.00    Panel 2 : The politics of social investment reforms in Southern Europe

  • Catching up or Falling Behind? The Politics of Labour Market and Family Policy Reforms in Southern Europe
    Reto Bürgisser
  • Breaking through the ice? The politics of social investment reforms in Italy
    Stefano Ronchi and Patrik Vesan
  • The Politics of Employment-oriented Family Policies in Britain, Germany and Italy and the Role of Employers
    Emmanuele Pavolini and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

Discussant : Margarita León

13.00-14.15    Lunch

14.15-16.00    Panel 3 : Neglected fields in the European social investment debate

  • Public Preferences Towards Social Investment : A Multi-Level Analysis
    Björn Bremer
  • Social investment in health. The politics of disease prevention and health promotion in OECD countries
    Katharina Böhm and Simon Ress
  • When Social Investment Ideas Meet Technocratic Defunding: The Politics of Social Investment Reforms in Israel 1990-2016
    Asa Maron

Discussant : Marius Busemeyer

16.00-16.15    Leg stretcher/ Coffee break

16.15-18.00    Panel 4 : The politics of social investment reforms in Eastern Europe

  • Explaining the difference in social investment agendas between Estonia and Latvia through party competition on ethnic minorities
    Sonja Avlijaš
  • Governing “permanent austerity:” Social investment reforms and their enabling conditions in Baltic Europe
    Anu Toots and Triin Lauri
  • ‘Ugly’ Face of Social Investment? The Politics of Childcare in East and Central Europe
    Michal Polakowski and Dorota Szelewa

Discussant : Jane Jenson

19.30-            Dinner 

FRIDAY, MARCH 10th 2017

9.00-10.45    Panel 5 : The politics of social investment reforms in Asian democracies

  • Media legislative linkage of social investment politics in East Asia
    Jaemin Shim
  • Comparing Social Investment Strategy in South Korea and Japan
    Mari Miura, Seung-ho Baek, Sophia Seung-yoon and Eriko Hamada
  • Towards Social Investment Individual Preferences and Strategic Coalitions of Work-Family Policy in East Asia
    Chung-Yang Yeh, Jen-Der Lue and Ming-Chang Tsai

Discussant : Bruno Palier

10.45-11.00    Leg stretcher/ Coffee break

11.00-12.45     Panel 6 : Cross-regional analyses of social investment reforms

  • Social Investment or Child Care on the Cheap? Quality, Workforce, and Access Considerations in the Expansion of Early Childhood Education and Care
    Kimberly Morgan
  • Understanding politics behind policies: the development of Social Investment in Familialistic States. The cases of South Korea and Spain
    Margarita León and Young Jun Choi
  • Determinants of Social Investments: Structural typology of Indian states
    Sony Pellissery and Vivek Raj Anand

Discussant : Kees van Kersbergen

12.45-14.00    Lunch

14.00-15.45    Panel 7 : The politics of social investment reforms in Latin America and around the globe

  • Political Linkage Strategies and Social Investment Policies Clientelism and Educational Policy in the Developing World
    Haohan Chen and Herbert Kitschelt
  • Social Investment and Neoliberal Legacies : Breaking the Mold?
    Evelyne Huber, John D. Stephens and Claire Dunn
  • The Politics of Social Investment in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Uruguay
    Jesus Salvador Peralta

Discussant : Silja Häusermann

15.45-16.00     Leg stretcher/ Coffee break

16.00-18.00     Panel 8 : The politics of conditionnal cash transfers in Latin America

  • Getting to social investment in Peru
    Jane Jenson and Nora Nagels
  • The politics of conditioning social investment: evidence from Latin America’s cash transfers
    Florencia Antia, Cecilia Rossel and Pilar Manzi
  • From the Local to the National, From the Left and the Right: The Origins of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America
    Ricardo Velázquez Leyer
  • The End of Inclusion? Lessons from Brazil in transforming CCTS into a Social Investment Strategy
    Tracy Fenwick

Discussants : Evelyne Huber (on Jenson/Nagels and Antia/Rossel) & Melina Altamirano (on Velázquez Leyer and Fenwick)

20.00-             Dinner


9.00-10.45    Panel 9 : Education and the sustainability of social investment in Latin America

  • Early childhood education and care policies and labor market dualization in Latin America
    Melina Altamirano and Barbara Zarate-Tenorio
  • Skills Regimes in Latin America : Education, Inequality and Economic Specialization in Comparative Perspective
    Aldo Madariaga and Juan Bogliaccini
  • What is the future of human development income transfer programmes in Latin America?
    Armando Barrientos

Discussant : Kimberly Morgan

10.45-11.00    Leg stretcher/ Coffee break

11.00-12.00     Panel 10 : Organizations and the social investment agenda

  • Social Investment in the Child According to the World Bank
    Rianne Mahon

Discussant : Carsten Jensen

12.00-13.00    Concluding discussion & outlook